Tips for Area Flooding

May 4, 2017

Ahead of Thursday’s rain, here are some tips in case you experience flooding in your area.

What do to before a flood:

– Check for weather alerts on your radio and TV so you can begin to prepare yourself and your home.
-Get prepared for the event of a power outage or evacuation. Prepare a bag with a first-aid kit, food, clean drinking water, and a charged battery, radio, and cellphone.
-Move any outdoor items that you would rather stay dry into your home.
-Elevate any valuable items to the upper floors of your home. If possible, move your heating and electrical units to higher ground that is not prone to flooding.
-Move indoors. If you must remain outside, don’t walk or drive through rushing water. Floodwater can be contaminated with chemicals and sewage, and could be hiding dangerous debris.

What to do after a flood:

-If you are without power, use only a flashlight to examine your home for damage. Open flames like matches could catch flame if they interact with gases, while lamps and other electric lights are a dangerous hazard in a waterlogged home.
– Utilize social media to contact friends and loved ones – cellular networks are often overwhelmed during a storm from a high volume of calls.
-Do not try to drive or walk in flooded areas.
– Take photos or video of the damage if you can, for insurance purposes.
– Continue to listen to the radio/check social media for instructions for information and updates.
– Do not re-enter buildings that are damaged. Entering flooded buildings puts you at risk for injury from debris, falling objects, and infections from contaminated floodwater.

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