Accessibility Training

This training site has been developed by the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal to assist with the Accessibility Customer Service and Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation Training of Council members, employees and volunteers of the Township.

Ensuring that all customers and residents of the municipality are treated in an equal and fair manner regardless of disability is of key importance to the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal.

For new employees and volunteers accessibility training must be completed as soon as feasible and at the latest, six months after their hiring date.

To complete the required training & to review Township accessibility policies click on the links below. Training can be completed in one or multiple sessions. Following completion of training and a review of policies please contact Rebecca Williams at 613-658-3055×105 or noting that you have completed required Customer Service and IASR training and that you have reviewed the Township’s Accessibility Policies.


If you require the information in an alternative format contact Rebecca Williams at 613-658-3055×105 or