Historical Sites

Our Township is full of history, why not check out some of our famous historic sites?

Battle of the windmill site

Battle of the Windmill, Johnstown

Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site marks the site of the November 1838 Battle of the Windmill, fought around a grist windmill in Johnstown, Ontario, Canada.
In 2013, the Windmill was designated a heritage lighthouse under federal legislation that allows for its protection. For more information and directions, click here.


Spencerville Mill Picture of the Spencerville Mill

Dating back into the 1800’s, The Spencerville Mill is the last remaining mill on the South Nation River and over time adapted from a flour and grist mill serving the community’s needs to a feed mill serving local farmers and feed stores throughout south eastern Ontario.  For more information on the Spencerville Mill, click here.


Galop Canal, Cardinal
kayaker on Galop Canal

Opened in 1846, the Galop Canal ran 12 kilometres from Iroquois to Cardinal. The canal allowed ships to bypass three sets of rapids located in Point Iroquois, Cardinal and Galop Island.

New locks were built along the canal in 1897. Lock 26 was located at Cardinal and was 60 metres in length. However, other parts of the canal reached almost 243 metres in length and were the longest locks in Canada at the time.

Usage of the Galop Canal shifted when in the 1950s, the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway began and with it changed the nature of life on the banks of the St. Lawrence all together. Newer, larger locks were built which ensured larger amounts of cargo could be shipped to and from the Great Lakes. In addition to these new locks, new hydroelectric power stations were constructed and ultimately led to the flooding of 10 villages along the river and the relocation of others.

The canal is also the final resting place for the wreck, Weehawk. Weehawk moved to Lock 27 near Cardinal in 1961. Due to neglect, Weehawk eventually sank to the bottom of the canal. The Weehawk site is also a popular diving site and divers can also drift with the current to the nearby Conestoga dive site.