Burn Ban Lifted May 8th at 8:00am

May 7, 2020

This lifted ban means that residents can return to having open air fires, including camp fires, agricultural fires, burn barrels and brush piles that are in compliance with the regulations set in the Township’s burning bylaw 2018-38.

Edwardsburgh Cardinal Fire Chief Brian Moore stresses the importance of continuation of current Covid-19 protocols in place despite the burn ban being lifted. Edwardsburgh Cardinal residents must continue to follow social distancing guidelines and adhere to all of the conditions set out in the open burning bylaw.

All open fires must have a valid burn permit. Burn permits are available free of charge at ec.burnpermits.com. Once the permit is created, residents must call 613 704-2699 to activate the permit before every fire for the permit to be valid.

The Fire Chief would like to remind residents of the importance of complying with the open burning bylaw. Do not burn unless you are in compliance with ALL conditions of the permit and wind conditions are favorable.

If the fire department is required to attend an unapproved burning complaint or an out of control open burn, the owner will be responsible for all associated costs as set in bylaw 2016-05. There will be zero tolerance for those who choose not to follow the rules.

Residents with any questions or concerns can contact the Edwardsburgh Cardinal Fire Department at 613 658-3001.

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