The Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing municipal by-laws regarding such things as parking, swimming pools, and clean yards, and can be reached at 613-802-0840 (cell phone).

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for dealing with lost and stray dogs and cats and can be reached at 613-348-3330 (Vincera Kennels).

Dog Tags are available at the Township Office in Spencerville as well as at the Cardinal Library. Alternatively, an application form for dog licenses may be downloaded here (PDF). Please print off the form, fill in the required information and mail it together with your payment to the Township office. We will send your tag and license to you by mail within a few days.

All properties require a burning permit each calendar year. Click here to learn more the burn by-law. Click here to obtain a burn permit. 

Important By-Laws

  • By-law No. 2014-05Clean Yards “Being a By-law Concerning Waste and Debris and the Filling, Draining, Cleaning and Clearing of Grounds, Yards and Vacant Lots.”
  • By-Law No. 2011-07 as amended by By-Law No. 2014-37Garbage Disposal (Landfill) “Being a By-law to Establish, Maintain and Regulate a System for the Disposal of Municipal Waste and to Provide for the Establishment of Policies, Regulations and Fees for the Disposal of Municipal Waste, Garbage and Other Refuse”
  • By-law No. 2015-10–  Curbside Garbage/Recycling Pick up “Being a By-Law to Provide for the Collection of Garbage and Other Waste Material”
  • By-Law 2016-85 – Animal Control “A By-law to Regulate the Keeping of Animals in the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal.”
  • By-Law No. 2004-58  – Parking “A By-law to Provide for the Regulation of Parking Within the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal”
  • By-Law 2016-04Open Air Burning “A By-law to Prescribe the Precautions and Conditions Under Which Fires May be Set in Open Air”
  • Zoning By-Law 2012-35 – Fences –  The construction of fences in the Township is regulated by the Zoning By-Law in section 4.12.
  • By-Law 2015-28 & Amended by By-law 2017-25 – ATV Use–  “A By-law to regulate the operation of All-Terrain Vehicles on municipal roads”
  • By-Law 2009-61 Door to Door Soliciting “A By-Law to Regulate Transient Traders and Itinerant Sellers”
  • By-Law 2017-47 Municipal Asset Naming-Renaming Policy
  • 2017-51 Procedural By-Law

To request a specific By-Law please contact the Deputy Clerk, Rebecca Williams, by email or by phone at 613-658-3055 x105