The Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal uses a Committee structure to process matters of importance. Issues that require the attention of Council are generally referred to an appropriate Committee for review, discussion and consideration. The decisions of a committee are then forwarded to Council for approval. There are several local boards and committees established that provide residents with an opportunity to take an active role in local government.

All meetings are open to the public. Please visit our Council/Committee Meetings Calendar to see the dates of upcoming meetings.

Council Meetings

Committee of the Whole- Administration & Finance Meetings

Committee of the Whole- Public Works, Environmental Services & Facilities Meetings

Council operates according to procedural By-Law 2012-58 under a Committee of the Whole system. Under this method of governance, the entire council meets regularly as a committee to hear and discuss matters before recommendations are made for consideration by Council.

Port of Johnstown Management Committee Meetings

A separate Committee of the Whole meeting is held monthly to consider matters directly relating to the operation of the Port of Johnstown.

Community Development Committee 

The Community Development Committee is built on the “live, work and play” model.  This Committee deals with matters relating to planning and economic development.

Recreation Advisory Committee

The Recreation Advisory Committee deals with all program-related parks and recreation matters.

Public Library Board Meetings

Statutory Public Meetings

Public meetings are held at the Township in accordance with the Planning Act.

As-Needed Boards

The following boards meet on an as-needed basis: Livestock Valuer, Committee of Adjustment (minor variances), Fenceviewers, North Channel Cemetery Board and the Adams Cemetery Board.

The Mayor is an “ex officio” member of all Committees of Council.

Please contact the municipal office or email if you are interested in volunteering to sit on one of these boards or committees.