Committee of the Whole- PW, ES & Facilities

This committee meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the municipal office in Spencerville. The Public Works/Environmental Services and Facilities Committee oversees the operations of the Operations Department the Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department. Specific areas include the transportation system including roads and sidewalks, solid waste management including landfills and collection, the water, sewer and waste water treatment system, stabilization ponds and municipal drainage. Issues relating to public access facilities such as cemeteries, parks, arenas, swimming pools and community halls including the maintenance of all facilities/buildings owned by the Township will be addressed.

View the Community Calendar for the dates, times and locations of all meetings.

If you wish to make a presentation or speak with the Committee on any matter, please contact the Deputy Clerk, Rebecca Williams to schedule a time. You can reach Rebecca by email or at the Township office by phone 613-658-3055 x105 or 1-866-848-9099 x105 (toll free)


  • Hugh Cameron (Chair)
  • Patrick Sayeau
  • Tory Deschamps

  • Stephen Dillabough
  • John Hunter
  • John Bush (Advisory Member)
  • Mark Packwood (Advisory Member)

Agenda & Materials for Next Meeting: