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Highway 401 Construction Season

May 14, 2019

Dear Resident/Partner,

Construction season is here! As always, the Ministry of Transportation wants to ensure your commutes and trips on Highway 401 remain safe and efficient while road and bridge work is underway.

Approximately 20 separate projects between Port Hope and the Quebec border, which will require lane reductions and reduced speeds for extended periods are planned for this construction season.

These construction zones are identified in the attached map. Drivers are encouraged to reduce their speed and observe all posted signs in construction zones for their safety and the safety of construction workers.

Construction Projects – Hwy 401 West

Construction Projects – Hwy 401 East

Drivers can expect traffic delays at peak times and are encouraged to plan accordingly.  Those travelling east on Friday afternoons and west on Sunday afternoons can expect to encounter heavy traffic congestion with the potential of significant delays on Highway 401.

Drivers should be on the look-out for Bluetooth Delay Messaging signs. These signs detect Bluetooth signals from passing vehicles and use the information to calculate and display real time travel delay messages on Portable Variable Messaging Signs located along Highway 401. If there is an incident that causes a delay (i.e. construction lane closure, vehicle collision, congestion) the system detects the delay and automatically generates a corresponding delay message(s) upstream from the incident. Please watch for these signs when approaching construction zones and be prepared to stop when the signs indicate a queue is developing.

Before heading out on the road, please check  to find out the timing of the closures and lane reductions and plan your route based on that information.

Please forward any questions directly to me at (613) 540-5125 or via email at


Brandy Duhaime
Regional Communications Coordinator
Ministry of Transportation

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