Language Express: Preschool Speech and Language

July 15, 2019


Is Your Child Ready to Start JK This September? 

The Language Express Preschool Speech and Language Program Can Help!

Your role as your child’s most important teacher doesn’t end when he or she starts Kindergarten. In fact, your job gets bigger!  Language Express can help.

Your 3-year-old should:

  • Understand same/different, one/all, heavy/light, night/day
  • Enjoy pretend play and playing with other children
  • Be able to talk about something that happened in the past (e.g. trip to Grandma’s)
  • Say 4-7 words in a sentence “I want my red ball.”
  • Understand and ask “Who?” “What?” “Where?” and “Why?” questions
  • Adults outside of the family understand at least half of what the child says
  • Be able to clearly make these sounds in words:  p, b, m, n, h, w, d
  • Errors on l, sh, ch, v, j, r, th and lisps are normal at this age.

Your 4-year-old should:

  • Be able to follow three-step instructions; i.e., “Get your boots, put them on and go outside.”
  • Tell stories with a clear beginning, middle and end, and be able to anticipate what will happen next in a story
  • Use adult-like grammar, e.g. “Sam dropped his cookie, so I gave him part of mine.”
  • Be able to start a conversation and keep it going on the same topic for three turns
  • Answer “Who?” “How?” and “How many?” questions
  • Be able to say the following sounds correctly in words:  k,y,f,g,t,d
  • Errors on l, sh, ch, v, j, r, th and lisps are normal at this age.

Sometimes when children start Junior Kindergarten it becomes clear that they are struggling with speech, language, or literacy skills.  This is also when problems with stuttering often start or get worse.  Don’t wait until school starts; if your child is not meeting one or more of the milestones, contact Language Express right away. 

Our Speech-Language Pathologists and Communicative Disorders Assistants can help your child and provide helpful ideas for you and your child’s teachers.  The deadline for referring children entering JK (born in 2015) is November 30th, 2019.  After November 30th we will only accept referrals for children born in 2016 or later.  It is never too early to refer if you have concerns.  Language Express services are funded by the province and are free for families.  Call 1-888-503-8885 or go to our website for more information:

Contact: Susan Healey, Communications Co-ordinator, Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit at or call 613-802-0550 d

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