By-Law Enforcement

The Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing municipal by-laws regarding such things as parking, animal control and clean yards, and can be reached at 613-802-0840 (cell phone) or by email at

Our By-Law Enforcement Policy provides a formal policy and procedure governing the handling of municipal by-law complaints by the Township and ensures standardized, thorough, prompt and courteous receipt, processing, investigation and resolution of complaints. The policy is intended to apply to both municipal by-laws and provincial statutes which the Township is responsible for enforcing.

The Township is committed to the delivery of by-law enforcement services in a timely and effective manner. The goal of these services is to achieve compliance with Township by-laws through education and also through enforcement.

For more information, including our complaint and enforcement procedure, view our By-Law Enforcement Policy.

All By-law complaints from the public, staff and members of council shall be recorded on the prescribed form. The Complaint Form is a standardized form that must be complete and contain particulars of the alleged breach, and be signed by the person recording the complaint. These complaint forms are available here on the Township’s website, by mail, or can be picked up and filled in at the office. Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.