Taxes & Property Assessment

Treasurer– Melanie Stubbs. Email 613-658-3055 x107

Finance Assistant (Taxes)– Teri Brown. Email 613-658-3055 x100

  • Receives all monies payable to the Township for property taxes, water and sewer billings, and other miscellaneous revenues
  • Issues cheques for supplies and services rendered to the Township
  • Provides municipal financial information and guidance to the public, the Mayor and Members of Council, and Township departments
  • Prepares the Township’s operating and capital budgets
  • Safeguards the Township’s financial assets
  • Invests and borrows funds necessary for Township operations as required

Payment Options

The Municipality offers several options for residents to remit their property taxes.

1. Payment at any commercial bank in Canada provided you have your complete tax bill for processing. Service charges may be charged by your bank.

2. Payment by telephone banking or internet banking depending upon your bank.

3. Payment by Pre-Authorized Payment Plan – no fees or interest! If you complete an application and provide a void cheque, the Municipality will deduct a monthly payment from your bank on the last working day of the month. The payment will be one twelfth (1/12) of your prior year taxes from January until the final tax bills are issued. When the final tax bills are issued the monthly amount will be adjusted so that your taxes are paid in full by December 31. An application form is available here or at the Municipal Office.

4. Payment at the Municipal Office during regular working hours or by using the mail box in the front door. Please note that credit card payments are not accepted.

Property Tax Rate

The total residential tax rate for 2019 in Edwardsburgh Cardinal is 1.176163 .  Multiply this by your assessment to get your total tax bill for the year.  Deduct any amounts already paid so you know what your August billing will be.  If you’re on pre-authorized monthly payments, there will be an adjustment made in August to ensure everything is paid in full by December 31.

The total commercial tax rate is 2.663236.

Click here to view all 2019 tax rates.

Property Assessment

The assessed value for your property is determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. The assessed value is used by the Municipality to calculate your property taxes using the following formulae:

Assessed value X Municipal tax rate = Amount of Municipal property tax
Assessed value X Education tax rate = Amount of Education property tax
Municipal property tax + Education property tax = Total property tax

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation publishes a brochure “Understanding Your Property Assessment” and these are available at the Municipal office or by calling MPAC at 1-866-296-6722 or at

If you believe your assessment is incorrect you should contact MPAC to request an explanation. You may ask to have your assessment reviewed through a process called Request for Reconsideration and an adjustment may result. You may also file an appeal with the Assessment Review Board and a hearing will be convened. Information on filing an appeal is contained on your Property Assessment Notice.


Other Services

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