There will be a scheduled power outage for Spencerville and Area on November 24th, 2019. Affected residents should expect to be without power from 7am – 12pm. Click here for more information.

Water Meters are now functioning throughout the village of Cardinal and billing is now handled through Rideau St Lawrence Distribution.

The water/sewer services provided by the Township are overseen by the Environmental Services department. The department is responsible for the following:

  • The Cardinal Water Treatment Plant
  • The Cardinal Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • The Spencerville Lagoon stabilization ponds
  • The Edwardsburgh Water Distribution System (to New Wexford and the Industrial Park)
  • The Windmill Point low lift pumping station, which supplies raw water to the GreenField Ethanol plant

  • The Cardinal Water Distribution System
  • The Spencerville Wastewater Collection System
  • The Cardinal Wastewater Collection System
  • Seven Sewage Pumping Stations (three in Spencerville and four in Cardinal)
  • Five Small Water Systems under Ontario Regulation 319/08


Spencerville Sewage Service (Budget and Rates) -$669.00 per single family home. View By-Law 2019-07, which sets the Spencerville rates.

New Wexford/Johnstown Industrial Park Water Rates- View By-Law 2019-11  And for Sewer Rates By-Law 2019-12.

Cardinal Metered Rates – View By-Law 2019-08 which sets the Cardinal meter rates and enacts rules and regulations for the supply of potable water.

View the Financial Plan for the Water Systems.

Quality Management System

Policy Statement: Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Environmental Services, on behalf of the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal, is an organization that takes pride and care in the duties it performs and to this end is committed to supplying clear, safe, reliable and consistent drinking water supply while maintaining strict adherence to all regulatory requirements. We strive to accomplish these goals through the implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the QMS including policies, procedures, communication, due diligence, and appropriate contingency/emergency response all within a safe work environment.

2018 Reports

2017 Reports

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2014 Reports

Water Conservation

The Township has adopted By-law 2004-47 to regulate connections to the Edwardsburgh Cardinal waterworks system and to regulate water use.

For any questions regarding the Environmental Services Department, please contact Gord Shaw, Chief Water Sewer Operator at gshaw@twpec.ca or 613-657-3765.