The Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal offers a full-service, no cost recycling program through curbside collection. Recyclable items are categorized as green box recyclables and blue box recyclables, with each collected on alternating weeks.

You do not need to place your items in specific green or blue bins. You can use recycling bins, plastic tote containers and other similar containers to hold your recyclables. You can also use a clear, plastic bag, no larger than 30 inches by 34 inches to hold your items.

Acceptable Recyclables List. 

For more information on recycling collection regulations, view our Garbage Collection Bylaw.

Recycling collection schedule

Your recycling collection date matches your home's regular garbage collection schedule

  • Monday: Areas north of Glen Smail Road and west of County Road 44, including Spencerville
  • Tuesday: Areas north of Pittston Road and east of County Road 44, including Ventnor and Shanly
  • Wednesday: Areas north of Highway 401, and south of Glen Smail Road and Pittston Road, including Crystal Rock and Brouseville
  • Thursday: Village of Cardinal
  • Friday: Areas south of Highway 401, except for the Village of Cardinal

We collect green box recyclables and blue box recyclables on alternating weeks through curbside collection from Monday to Friday. View our 2023 recycling collection schedule to see which items you should dispose each week.