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Fire Station Feasibility Study RFP - EC-FD-24-01

Through this invitation for Request for Proposal (RFP), the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal is seeking the professional services of a qualified firm to provide a detailed feasibility study for a new fire station within the Village of Cardinal.

Create building and site plans of sufficient quality, ready to develop into construction/tender issue documents should council proceed to the tendering phase.

Addendum #1

Issue Date: May 21, 2024
Closing Date & Time: Tuesday June 18, 2024 2:00 PM
Closing Location:
Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal
18 Centre Street, PO Box 129
Spencerville, ON. K0E 1X0
Contact: Brian Moore, Fire Chief,, 613-658-3001 x1

Tandem Diesel Truck Cab & Chassis, Plus Related Snow Plow & Sanding Equipment - EC-PW-24-07

Sealed Tenders on forms supplied by the Township will be received in envelopes clearly marked as to contents by the Township Clerk at her office in the Township Hall (18 Centre Street, Spencerville, Ontario) until 4:00 pm local time on Tuesday July 2nd, 2024 for:
The supply of One (1), Tandem Diesel Truck Cab, Chassis, Snow Plow and Sanding Equipment. The truck cab, chassis, snow plowing and sanding equipment to be supplied shall be as detailed in the Tender Specifications.
Tender Documents may be obtained from the Clerk’s Office at the Township Hall from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.
Important Dates/Schedule Deadline for Questions: June 21st, 2024 Tender Closing: 4:00pm local time on Tuesday July 2nd, 2024 Anticipated Tender Award: Tuesday July 23rd 2024
Project Completion: 45 weeks from issuance of award letter or as agreed to by both parties.
Irrevocability Period: 60 days.

Tender Submission Documentation
• Received in a sealed envelope clearly marked Tandem Diesel Truck Cab & Chassis related Snow Plow and Sanding Equipment: EC-PW-24-07
• Completed Form of Tender
• Unofficial Tender results shall be posted to the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal Website – Bids and Tenders 48 hours from tender closing. 

2024 Road Resurfacing and Water Infrastructure Tender: EC-PW-24-01

This Request for Tender (the “RFT”) is an invitation by the Owner to prospective bidders to submit bids for Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal 2024 Road Resurfacing Program as further described below. 

Unofficial Tender Results

Submission of Bids:

Bids can be requested only through Vicki Cucman, Operations Administrator.
Bids will only be accepted if they are received by the Submission Deadline. Onus and responsibility rest solely with the bidder to ensure its bid is received no later than the Submission Deadline.
Bidders are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time for their bid submission and attachment(s), if applicable, and to resolve any issues that may arise. Bidders making submissions near the Submission Deadline do so at their own risk.

Pages 1 through 8 of the tender document must be used and must be delivered to:
Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal
18 Centre Street
Spencerville, ON
K0E 1X0
Before submission deadline on Tuesday May 14th, 2024, at 2:00pm Local Time. The Tender Form must be signed and witnessed in the spaces provided on the form, with the signature of the bidder or of a responsible official of the organization bidding. If a joint bid is submitted, it must be signed and witnessed on behalf of each of the Bidders and if the signing authority for each Bidder is vested in one individual he shall sign separately on behalf of each Bidder.

All unit prices must be clearly indicated. Erasures, over-writing, or strikeouts must be initialed by the person signing on behalf of the organization.

It is the responsibility of the bidder to have received all addenda to this Request for Tender that have been issued. Addenda will typically be issued through email at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the Submission Deadline. However, in some cases it may
be necessary to issue an addendum within the forty-eight (48) hours prior to the Submission Deadline. In such cases, the addendum will include an extension of the Submission Deadline.
Bidders must check their email regularly for any addenda up until the Submission Deadline.
If a bid is submitted before an addendum is issued, the Bid will be withdrawn and identified as incomplete (not accepted).
The bidder is solely responsible for:
a) reviewing their bid for errors;
b) making any required adjustments to their bid prior to the Submission deadline;
c) acknowledging the addendum; and
d) ensuring the bid is re-submitted and received by no later than the Submission Deadline.
The Owner and Eastern Engineering will not be responsible for the withdrawal of a bid due to the bidder’s failure to acknowledge any addenda issued prior to the Submission Deadline.

Jordan Road Culvert Replacement Tender: EC-PW-24-06

Sealed tenders, on the forms supplied within the tender documents, will be received at the Township Office by mail or in person until 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 9, 2024. 

Unofficial Tender Results

Electronic contract specifications and tender forms may be obtained by emailing the Greer Galloway at Dcouments will be available Tuesday, March 12, 2024.

All inquiries related to the tender document should be directed via email no later than Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 2:00 p.m. to

Tender documents will be available, for viewing only, at the Township Office as well as the Greer Galloway office in Kingston. 

The tender must be accompanied by an Agreement to Bond or a letter from a financial institution agreeing to supply a letter of credit. Tenders must also include a tender deposit in the form of a Certified Cheque or Bid Bond made payable to the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal, in an amount not less than that specified in the tender documents. 

Tenders will be opened publicly at the Township office, located at 18 Centre St, Spencerville ON K0E 1X0

Weir Road Bridge Rehabilitation Tender: EC-PW-24-04

Before submitting a bid, the Contractor must conduct an inspection of the job site. The submission of a bid shall be an explicit representation by the Contractor to the Municipality that such an inspection was undertaken, and the Contractor has satisfied itself as to all conditions capable of being observed in the field. The Contractor shall be responsible for all site conditions capable of being observed in the field, and the Contractor is expected to undertake its inspection in a careful and skillful manner and shall obtain and conduct all requisite investigation in order to acquaint itself with physical conditions in relation to the job site and the project.

Review Tender Drawings.

Addendum #1

Addendum #2

Addendum #3

Addendum #4

A complete copy of the tender form, including reference to any addenda that may be issued prior to the closing date, must be submitted intact to be considered as a complete tender.

Each Tender must be accompanied by the attached Agreement to Bond form or an acceptable equivalent completed by the Bonding Company.

Tenders on this form and in a sealed envelope, will be received by:
Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal,
P.O. Box 129, 18 Centre Street,
Spencerville, ON, K0E 1X0
not later than 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday April 16th, 2024. Tenders must be delivered in-person, or by courier/mail.

Unofficial Tender Results

All submissions will be opened immediately after the time of Tender Closing.
Bidders will be notified in writing of the tender results.
A list of the names of bidders who have submitted tenders will be recorded in the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Office. A copy of the list may be obtained after the opening and review of tenders by contacting the Municipality at (613) 658-3001 x 2.

Unofficial Tender Results

The unofficial results of publicly-opened tenders will be posted within the week following the tender closing. Following the monthly meeting of Council, awarded tenders unofficial results will be posted on the Current Year Unofficial Tender Results page. No results will be given by phone or email before this time.

Results of Requests for Proposal and Requests for Quotation will not be posted on this page after closing, as they are frequently subject to careful review and/or a scoring process to determine the successful proponent.

Notice of participation

The Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by Local Authority Services (LAS) between January 1, 2023 to December 31,2023. For further information and access to LAS request for proposal (RFP) notices, please review their website at