The Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal is open for business!

We are committed to our vision of being a location of choice as an inter-modal transportation-distribution hub, focusing on warehousing, logistics, agriculture, and small, home-based and professional businesses, with a fully utilized Port of Johnstown serving as an essential part of the local economy.

View the Township's Economic Development Strategy for more information on our approach to shaping a thriving community.

Our strategic benefits, your advantage

From the quaint downtown areas of Cardinal and Spencerville, to serviced lands available for commercial and industrial development, we work with you to accommodate all of your business needs.

Johnstown Industrial Park is ideally positioned within close proximity to rail access, and international markets lie just minutes away with the Port of Johnstown enabling international trade. The Bridge to the USA provides additional access to America across the St. Lawrence River.

Provincial Highways 401 and 416 make up a crucial part of Ontario's comprehensive transportation network, providing quick access to larger Ontario and Québec markets, such as Ottawa, Kingston, Cornwall, Montréal, Gatineau, the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and London. 

Competitive property and land costs, and a moderate tax rate help enable our businesses' success when operating in the Township.

Our urban amenities and rural identity, mixed with waterfront and magnificent inland attributes, as well as three distinct communities (Spencerville, Cardinal and Johnstown), complete with their own histories, personalities and opportunities, ensure that the Township's tourism, arts, culture and heritage scenes flourish year after year.

Starting and growing your business

Our Business Planning Tool helps your business succeed in the Township. We offer resources and how-to guides on:

  • Starting your business
  • Writing your business plan
  • Selecting your business location
  • Leasing or purchasing commercial property
  • Applying for licences and permits
  • Growing your business
  • Selling or buying your business

How we support you

Our Business Planning Tool and staff also provides economic indicators, investment assistance and important community resources and connections to help you make informed decisions, such as:

For further local supports, visit the Spencerville Business & Community Connections (SBCC) or the South Grenville Chamber of Commerce.

Contact us for a copy of the Township's Economic Development Strategy for more information on our strategic goals and priorities around economic development.

Partnering with the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville

The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Economic Development Office works with investors, and new and existing businesses and industries. We use a collaborative, regional approach to provide new opportunities for all communities we represent. Leeds Grenville ("where lifestyle grows good business") is a progressive place to locate and grow your business' success.

The Counties' online business directory provides a comprehensive listing of businesses in Edwardsburgh Cardinal and you can learn more about economic development in Edwardsburgh Cardinal by subscribing to the Counties' video playlist.

Leeds Grenville Small Business Centre

The Leeds Grenville Small Business Centre is a valuable resource centre for new and existing small businesses in Leeds Grenville. The LGSBC provides entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to create and grow successful businesses, through mentorship and training programs.

St. Lawrence Corridor

We are a proud member of the St. Lawrence Corridor Economic Development Commission. Seven municipalities strong, the commission is focused on the attraction of new industrial and commercial employers to the region, increasing the quantity and quality of job opportunities for residents. The commission also helps existing businesses grow and expand.

Eastern Workforce Innovation Board

The Eastern Workforce Innovation Board (EWIB) is one of 26 boards that comprise Workforce Ontario – Leaders in Workforce Planning. EWIB provides details on community workforce planning and development as well as everything you need to get connected – find the resources in your community relevant to training, employment, labour force information and discover community partnerships. Try the new Labour Market Information (LMI) Help Desk for help with statistics and demographics for our area or check out helpful job tools, including a job board, map and job demand report.