The Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal is located in Eastern Ontario along the St. Lawrence River. With beautiful scenery and a variety of services and programs, our community is a wonderful place to live. 

View our community calendar to find out about upcoming events.

Animal services

Animal control helps keep our pets and community safe. Learn how to buy a dog tagreport a concern or contact a livestock investigator if your livestock has been killed by a wild animal.

Emergency services

Find out how to keep your loved ones safe in the case of an emergency. From emergency and flood preparedness to fire safety, we work to protect our community.

Garbage and recycling

Learn how to dispose of garbage and recycling and view your curbside collection schedule. We offer garbage bags, brush and leaf collection, hazardous waste disposal, transfer station punch cards and more.

Property taxes

If you own a property in the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal, you need to pay property taxes. Explore your property assessment to find out more about your property taxes.

Roads and sidewalks

The Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal owns and maintains a variety of roads and sidewalks within the community. Review our parking regulations and get information about snow removal within our municipality.

Water and sewer

We are responsible for maintaining several water and sewer systems and are committed to providing clean and safe drinking water.