The Environmental Services department oversees water and sewer services in the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal. Learn about water conservation, review our Drinking Water Quality Management System Policy Statement and Annual Reports and find out how to take a well water sample.

Report a concern

You can notify us of concerns through our report a concern page or by calling our Environmental Services department at 613-657-3765. An after-hours number is provided for urgent concerns through this number.

Water and sewer rates

To pay your water and sewer account, please reach out to:

View our current water and sewer rates:

Please contact us if you'd like to see the water and sewer rates for previous years.

Financial plan

The Cardinal Water System and Edwardsburgh Industrial Park Distribution System Financial Plan outlines the financial plan to manage the two water systems within the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal to ensure that we meet the requirements in the Safe Drinking Water Act

Water and sewer systems

We are responsible for the maintenance and operations of the following aspects of the local water and sewer system. 

  • Cardinal Water Distribution System
  • Cardinal Wastewater Collection System
  • Cardinal Water Treatment Plant
  • Cardinal Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Spencerville Lagoon Stabilization Pond
  • Spencerville Wastewater Collection System
  • Edwardsburgh Industrial Park Wastewater Collection
  • Edwardsburgh Water Distribution System
  • Windmill Point low lift pumping station
  • Sewage pumping stations (seven)
  • Small water systems (five)

Water meter care

It is your responsibility to maintain a dry, warm environment around your water meters to prevent freezing in the winter months. All replacement costs of damaged meters from freezing are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. If you are planning an extended leave in the winter months, please consider having your water lines professionally drained.