The Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal's Community Improvement Plans (CIP) promotes revitalization, private investment, and economic development in both the villages of Cardinal and Spencerville. Each CIP offers financial incentives and planning assistance for improvements to your infrastructure, streetscapes, and public space.

Ready to apply?

If you’re a tenant or property owner within a CIP area boundary and are interested in applying for funding, please call 613-658-3055 x101 or email us to schedule your pre-application meeting to discuss your proposal. Our process is simple and we'll help you with filling out your application.

Cardinal CIP

You can download the Revitalizing Cardinal: The Village Community Improvement Plan and well as the Cardinal Streetscape Plan to learn more about how we’re helping to improve the Village of Cardinal. Please check the Cardinal CIP Area Boundary to ensure that your project is applicable.

Download the Cardinal CIP form

Complete the online Cardinal CIP form

Spencerville CIP

View the Spencerville Community Improvement Plan and make sure that your project is within the Spencerville CIP Area Boundary before you apply.

Download the Spencerville CIP form

Complete the online Spencerville CIP form

Financial incentive programs

Explore the financial incentive programs available as part of our CIP program. Each program has unique requirements for project eligibility. Please contact us for more information.

Facade and property improvement

Facade and property improvement grants are available to help you improve your front, rear, or sidewall facade in commercial and mixed use buildings. You can receive grants up to $5,000 and an interest rebate up to $2,500 while benefiting the aesthetics of our village’s streetscapes and the impression that we make on visitors.

This includes storefront doors, windows, brickwork, architectural details, light fixtures, commercial signage, landscaping, parking areas, driveways, and more.

Application and permit fees rebate program

We can provide up to $5,000 in refund grants equivalent to the applicable cost of normal planning application fees and building permit fees. We understand that application and permit fees can sometimes be a barrier to your next project and investment. We can help!

Housing improvement program

Start improving the quality and attractiveness of your rental units to a wider range of income groups, which helps to support businesses in our village cores. Apply for grants for rehabilitating your rental space or converting non-residential space to residential space in the upper level of your commercial buildings. We have grants available for up to $1,500 per unit, to a maximum of 4 units, and an interest rebate up to $1,000.

Heritage Property Improvement

Apply for grants up to $7,500 and an interest rebate up to $2,500 for the repair, restoration, rehabilitation or preservation of your designated heritage building or property(in accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act). This grant is also available to undertake an architectural or design study in relation to restoring a heritage building or property. Heritage properties and buildings contribute significantly to our village cores.

Tax Increment Equivalent Grant Program

If your municipal property tax has increased as a result of community improvement activities, the Tax Increment Equivalent Grant Program offers you rebates to help. The grant is paid each year for up to 10 years, in decreasing amounts, to allow the you to adjust to the new tax assessment.

Project Feasibility Program (Cardinal Only)

Explore the feasibility of building reuse, rehabilitation, or development/redevelopment of land. This grant for up to $5,000 is available to help with the cost of undertaking a study to examine the feasibility of rehabilitating your buildings and structures, or the development of lands, for its use by commercial or mixed use tenants.