Getting ready to start your next building or renovation project in the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal? Please book a pre-consultation meeting to help ensure that you're on track from the very beginning. During a pre-consultation meeting, we'll help you through the required applications and approvals as well as discuss any possible issues.

Applications and permits

You must have an approved building permit before starting any construction of a new building or renovation. Please complete the relevant permit application:


Once your permit has been approved and work has started, you’ll need to book an inspection. Your building permit will list the inspections you need at each stage of your build. Please email us in advance or call 613-658-3055 x102 to schedule site inspections.

Zoning and land use

You can review our zoning and official plan to see our permitted land uses, height requirement and other building regulations. Depending on your project or development, you may need to apply for land use and zoning amendments.