Railroad crossing construction

The Township has been notified that the Canadian National Railway Company, (CN), has identified that the Frederick Street level railroad crossing requires rehabilitation to maintain a smooth and continuous surface, which may lead to traffic disruptions at the Frederick Street rail crossing located at the north end. The rehabilitation work has been added to the CN 2023 Crossing Maintenance Program. The dates for rehabilitation work have been set by CN for June 6th at 7am through June 8th at 4pm, 2023 inclusive. CN plans to have one lane open throughout the day to allow access to and from the residence properties north of the crossing. They will require a full road closure each evening from around 9p.m. to 2a.m. which means there will not be any readily available ingress/egress during that time. A crew will remain on standby to facilitate crossing of emergency services should they be required with minimal possible time delay.

Thank you in advance for your understanding pertaining to the road closure.

For additional inquiries contact: 

Gord Shaw

Public Works Director of Operations 

Edwardsburgh Cardinal TWP

Phone (613) 658-3001 x 5