A septic tank installation

Beginning Tuesday September 6, 2022, the South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) will provide septic services to the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal, and a number of neighbouring municipalities.

The septic program relates to the inspection and issuance of septic permits when related to development projects, including those of severances, new construction and land development as required under the Ontario Building Code to ensure their proper operation. You can learn more about SNC’s septic program and fill out an application form online here: https://www.nation.on.ca/development/septic-program.

Property owners who have previously submitted a septic permit to the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit prior to September 6th, will continue to have their application overseen by the Health Unit. Reapplication is not required, and the requirement for owners to notify the Health Unit when they are prepared for an inspection remains in place.


The South Nation Conservation Authority has been dedicated towards watershed management and sustainable practices since 1947. Already overseeing septic programs for 13 municipalities within their jurisdiction, the SNC recently expanded their list to include Elizabethtown-Kitley, Edwardsburgh Cardinal, Augusta, and Front of Yonge Townships.