Fire Department

The municipality’s Fire Department has a long tradition of volunteerism. With 48 active volunteers, two fire stations provide emergency services to the entire Township. The stations are located in Spencerville (6055 County Road 44) and Cardinal (4035 Dishaw Street). In addition, the Township maintains mutual aid agreements with neighbouring municipalities to ensure adequate coverage.

All properties require a burning permit each calendar year. Click here to learn more. Permits for 2021 are available now!  Click here to obtain a burn permit.


The Fire Chief is Brian Moore. General information inquiries should be directed to Chief Moore at 613-658-3001.

Open Air BurningBurn Permit

Open air burning is only permitted in the built-up residential areas of Cardinal, Johnstown or Spencerville under strict regulations. The only type of fire permitted in the these areas are any burning that consists of a small, confined fire, used for cooking, or for recreational purposes. Recreational campfires must be no more than 0.6 meters in height, width, length, and no closer than 6 meters to any structure (including fences), wooded area, property line, flammable material, hydro or telephone line or service.

By-Law 2018-38 governs open burning in the Township. It is a requirement of the by-law that residents obtain a Conditional Burn Permit annually. There is no fee for this permit. After a Conditional Permit has been obtained, you must adhere to the rules and regulations of the permit. Prior to any open air burning, permit holders must contact the Edwardsburgh Cardinal Fire Department to activate their burn permit by calling 613-704-2699. If there should be a fire ban in place, you will be notified upon calling in. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to “Burn Safe” and to activate their burn permit every time they burn.

No Open Burning Zones (Recreation Campfires as defined in By-Law 2018-38 ONLY)

*Burn permits are still required for Recreational Campfires in these areas*

Burn permits can be obtained online at or in person at the Township Office.  IMPORTANT: You can only burn if you have an activated burn permit. Click here to access the online burn permit system.

For more information call 613-658-3001.