Edwardsburgh Cardinal's Official Plan was approved by the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville in January 2020. We are required by the province to review and update our zoning bylaw no less than three years after the approval of an official plan update.

The Committee of the Whole - Community Development committee began reviewing our zoning bylaw in July, 2020 with a presentation and leadership from our planner of record, Novatech. Throughout the review process there has been
significant input provided by Township Staff, Committee, Council, the public and prescribed agencies.

We are excited to share the new zoning bylaw, approved by Council on June 27th, 2022. 

New zoning bylaw

View the adopted zoning bylaw 2022-37.

The draft zoning bylaw text includes definitions, general provisions, and provisions that are specific to each zone category in the township. With the recommendation of the Committee of the Whole - Community Development, Council adopted the new zoning bylaw 2022-37 on June 27th, 2022 at the regular meeting of Council.

Zone categories are shown with maps of the township in four separate schedules:

Thank you for your feedback

Throughout the review process, members of the public were encouraged to provide feedback using the following methods:

The written and/or oral submissions provided by the pubic and commenting agencies were considered by Council, which helped Council make any necessary modifications to the Zoning By-law and make an informed decision.

Open house meeting

We thank everyone that attended one of the four public Open House meetings in August, 2021. Our Planners, Staff and Committee have carefully reviewed feedback from this meeting at the November Committee of the Whole - Community Development Committee meeting before preparing the latest draft. 

Public meeting

Thank you to everyone that joined us at the Public Meeting on April 21st, 2022, in Council Chambers. At the meeting, a brief overview of the proposed new bylaw and official plan amendment were shared by our Planner of Record, Novatech. 

Committee of the Whole - Community Development

The draft new zoning bylaw was reviewed by the Committee of the Whole - Community Development. The committee meets the first Monday of every month (moved to Tuesday when Monday is a holiday). We advertise meetings through community newspapers and on our Council Calendar, where you can also view upcoming agendas and past meeting minutes. 


You can reach out to the Community Development Coordinator if you have questions about the new zoning bylaw or the review process.

Making an appeal

Notice of the passing of the bylaw will be given to anyone that made a written request to receive this notice. Any person or public body that meets certain requirements may, not later than 20 days after the notice of the passing of the bylaw is given, appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) by filing a notice of appeal with the municipal clerk. You must pay the fee required by the OLT at the same time. Please visit the Government of Ontario website for more information on the appeal process.

In accordance with Section 34(19.1) of the Planning Act, there is no appeal in respect of the parts of a by-law that give effect to permitted additional residential units, with the exception of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.