Edwardsburgh Cardinal’s zoning bylaw determines land use in our community and aligns with the policies set in our Official Plan. It aims to balance the interests of each individual property owner with the needs of the whole community. It includes where buildings can be located, lot sizes, parking requirements, building height, and setbacks from the street. It also includes maps that divide the township into different land use zones and specifies permitted uses within each zone.

If your project does not meet the requirements in the Zoning Bylaw, you may need to apply for a Zoning Bylaw Amendment or Minor Variance.

Zoning Bylaw

You can download our Zoning Bylaw for more information:

Zoning Bylaw review

Our Official Plan was approved by the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville in February 2020. We are required by the province to review and update our zoning bylaws no less than three years after the approval of an official plan update.

The Committee of the Whole - Community Development committee began reviewing our zoning bylaw in July, 2020 with a presentation and leadership from our planner of record, Novatech. We are excited to share a draft copy of the new zoning bylaw here and provide some more details about the review process.