Edwardsburgh Cardinal’s zoning bylaw determines land use in our community and aligns with the policies set in our Official Plan. It aims to balance the interests of each individual property owner with the needs of the whole community. It includes where buildings can be located, lot sizes, parking requirements, building height, and setbacks from the street. It also includes maps that divide the township into different land use zones and specifies permitted uses within each zone.

If your project does not meet the requirements in the Zoning Bylaw, you may need to apply for a Zoning Bylaw Amendment or Minor Variance.

Zoning Bylaw

A new Zoning Bylaw was adopted by Council on June 27th, 2022 and is now in effect. You can view or download our new Zoning Bylaw:

Additional development requirements

In addition to the provisions in the Township's Zoning Bylaw, the following requirements may apply to your development project. This list should not be considered a complete list as each project is unique. The requirements provided here from other agencies do not replace the provisions included in the Zoning Bylaw.

Conservation Authority regulated areas

Ontario Regulation 170/06 establishes regulated areas where development may be subject to flooding or erosion; or where interference with wetlands and alterations to shorelines and watercourses might have an adverse effect on those environmental features. 

Any proposed development, interference or alteration within a regulated area requires a permit from the South Nation Conservation Authority, including;

  • altering a river, stream, or watercourse; or 
  • interfering with a wetland.

You can apply for a permit from SNC online.

SNC permission must also be obtained before undertaking development activities in or near floodplains, unstable slopes, unstable soils and bedrock, hazardous lands, wetlands, and other areas where development could interfere with the hydrologic function of a wetland, including areas within 120 metres of all Provincially Significant Wetlands.

Ministry of Transportation permit controlled areas

Under the authority of the Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act, the Ministry of Transportation regulates the permit controlled area for buildings, structures, roads, entrances and the placement of signs. You can determine if you are in the controlled area using the MTO's mapping tool.

Ontario One Call

If you are doing any project that requires you to dig, you must complete a locate request with Ontario One Call at least 5 days before. Ontario One Call will notify buried infrastructure owners that you plan to dig. At no charge to you, representatives from each underground buried infrastructure owner will come out to mark the location of buried underground lines and cables on your property so that you can dig safely.


Pipelines and related facilities are subject to the jurisdiction of the Canada Energy Regulator (CER). You can view the location of federally regulated pipelines in Edwardsburgh Cardinal. All development within 30m or crossings of a pipeline requires written consent from the pipeline company. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain written consent prior to development approval. You can learn more about written consent through the following resources: