The Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal Official Plan is a planning document designed to manage future growth, development and change in our municipality. It provides a framework which will guide land use decisions for the next 20 years, building more livable communities which promote and protect the health of residents and are economically and environmentally sustainable.

Official Plan Amendment No. 2 to the Township's Official Plan was approved by the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville on March 1, 2024. The amendment reduces the minimum lot area requirement from 1.0 hectare to 0.4 hectares throughout the Township. An amendment to the Township's Zoning Bylaw was adopted by Bylaw 2023-65 to implement Official Plan Amendment No. 2.

You can download our Official Plan and its schedules:

The Township’s Official Plan, and any amendments, must be consistent with the Counties' Official Plan and Provincial Policy Statement. Contact the Township if you would like to discuss an amendment to the Official Plan. Please note that the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville is the final approval authority for an amendment to the Official Plan.