Edwardsburgh Cardinal Environmental Services, on behalf of the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal, is an organization that takes pride and care in the duties it performs and to this end is committed to supplying clear, safe, reliable and a consistent drinking water supply while maintaining strict adherence to all regulatory requirements. We strive to accomplish these goals through the implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of the QMS including policies, procedures, communication, due diligence, and appropriate contingency / emergency response all within a safe work environment.

Water quality reports

View our past water quality reports:

You can request a report from a previous year or the DWQMS report either by email or as a hard copy free of charge by Contacting Assistant Chief Water/Sewer Operator Aaron Campbell, DWQMS Representative at 613-657-3765, and setting up an appointment to pick them up. Please note that due to COVID restrictions the Waste Water Treatment Plant office is not open to the public.