The Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal's Fire Department consists of dedicated volunteer fire fighters who provide a variety of vital services for the community. They face new and challenging situations in their role, such as educating the public on safety, fighting fires, performing life-saving rescues when necessary, administering first aid, dealing with hazardous materials and protecting property.

The right fit for you

A volunteer fire fighter position is much more than just another job. Our volunteer fire fighters' main motivations include:

  • Making a difference to the community and our neighbours
  • Pride of professionalism
  • Satisfaction that comes from helping others

If you are physically fit, enjoy learning, work well with others and you enjoy helping others, then you may be just the right candidate to be a volunteer fire fighter with the Township's Fire Department.

Apply to be a volunteer fire fighter

Complete our online Volunteer Fire Fighter Recruitment Package, which details position requirements and the recruitment process.

Once you complete the package's application form, you can email a scanned copy to Fire Chief Brian Moore at or drop it off in-person at the Spencerville Fire Station at:

Edwardsburgh Cardinal Fire Department
6055 County Rd 44
Spencerville ON K0E 1X0
Phone: 613-658-3055

The Edwardsburgh Cardinal Fire Department is an equal opportunity employer.