We offer several options for you to pay your property taxes with the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal.

Payments through your bank
You can have your Canadian banking provider submit your property tax payments for you. Ensure you have your complete tax bill available for processing. Banking service charges may apply. Contact your bank for more information or to help set you up with this option.
Pre-authorized payment plans

You can sign up for the pre-authorized payment plan, with no fees or interest. With this payment option, we will withdraw a monthly payment from your bank account on the last working day of the month.

The monthly payment amount is equal to one-twelfth of your prior year's taxes, from January until the final tax bills are issued. If you are starting your monthly payments later in the year, your payment amounts are divided by the number of remaining months in the year. When the final tax bills are issued in August, the monthly amount is adjusted so that your taxes are paid in full by Dec. 31.

Contact us for a copy of our Pre-authorized Payment Application Form, or complete the online form. If completing the paper copy of the form, please forward it by email, along with a scanned void cheque to tbrown@twpec.ca. We also accept photos of the completed form and void cheque. You can also call us with any questions at 613-658-3055 x100.

Online banking
You can pay your property taxes via online banking. Enter "Edwardsburgh/Cardinal" as a payee with your online banking provider and enter your property roll number as your account number. Your roll number is a 19-digit number shown on your tax bill. If you bank with RBC, leave off the last four zeros. For example; 0701 701 010 12345 (0000).
 Telephone banking
You can pay your property taxes by calling the telephone banking number found on the back of your personal Interac card and following your bank's step-by-step instructions over the phone.
 In-person or mailed payments

You can pay your property taxes in-person at the Township Hall during regular business hours at 18 Centre St. in Spencerville by cash, cheque or debit only. We do not accept credit card payments. For contactless payment, please drop off your cheque with your property roll number in the drop box on the front door.

Cheque payments can be mailed with property roll number to:

Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal
18 Centre St, PO Box 129
Spencerville ON K0E 1X0