Enrollment for the FoodCyler pilot program has now ended with all 100 units purchased!

Thank you to all participants for taking part in the program. A friendly reminder to keep track of the use of your FoodCycler weekly over the upcoming 12-weeks and answer the brief exit survey required for the completion of the program. Due to growing interest, a subsequent round of programming may be offered. Subscribe to this page by scrolling down or check back regularly for updates to the program. 

What is the purpose of the pilot program?

The purpose of the FoodCycler™ pilot program is to measure the viability of on-site food waste processing technology as a method of waste diversion. By reducing food waste at home, you can support our community’s environmental goals, reduce your household’s carbon footprint and extend the life of our landfill sites.

What is a FoodCycler™?

The FoodCycler™ is a closed-loop indoor compost alternative, which speeds up the natural decomposition process through aerobic digestion of waste.  The unit dries and grinds food waste into a dry, odourless, nutrient-dense by-product that is significantly reduced in weight and volume from its unprocessed state. The end product is free from bacteria, and weed seeds and food-borne pathogens are eliminated in the process.

Track the number of cycles

You will need to track the number of cycles over a 12-week period, starting no later than May 8th. A tracking sheet will be provided with the purchase of your FoodCycler™.

Answer a brief exit survey

As a participant, you will be required to complete a brief exit survey at the end of the 12-week period. The survey will be sent to you by email near the end of the pilot program. The survey is to be completed no later than July 31st.


An email was sent on July 11th, please check your junk/ spam folder to find the link for the survey.


Aside from diverting food waste from landfills, the by-product of the decomposition process is a nutrient rich soil amendment. It can be stored indefinitely in a dry sealed container, used to fertilize your lawn or garden, or added to your existing composter. Learn more about the benefits in the Resident Guide.

FoodCycler is looking to achieve the following through this proposed partnership:

  • Receive high-quality data from pilot program participants regarding food waste diversion (data to be submitted to Impact Canada).
  • Receive high-quality feedback from residents, staff, and council regarding the feasibility of a FoodCycler food waste diversion program for municipalities (feedback to be submitted to Impact Canada).
  • Demonstrate the viability of our technology and solutions in a municipal setting so the model can be redeployed in other similar communities in Canada.

The Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal would receive several benefits through this partnership as well:

  • Opportunity to trial a food waste diversion solution at a cost well below market prices.
  • Reduce food waste going to landfill which supports local climate change goals.
  • Opportunity to bring new technology to residents at an affordable price.
  • Obtaining data that could be used to develop a future organic waste diversion program.