The Township has appointed our livestock investigator, Conor Cleary, whose role is to complete an investigation within three days of receiving notice from the Clerk if you've suffered a livestock loss on your farm in Edwardsburgh Cardinal due to an attack by a predator such as a wolf, coyote, or dog.

Please email us to detail your livestock loss.

What is the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program?

The program provides financial assistance to producers whose livestock, poultry and bees have been damaged by wildlife. Under the program, you are entitled to make a claim to the Township for livestock and poultry losses due to attack by wildlife.

Some of my livestock/poultry have been killed. What do I do?

Where you discovered that any livestock or poultry has been killed and to the best of your knowledge believe that such death was caused by wildlife, you must contact the Township office within 48 hours of discovering the death. The Clerk will notify the Livestock Investigator.

What happens after I have submitted a complaint?

The Livestock Investigator will make and complete an investigation within three days of receiving notice from the Clerk. When conducting an investigation, the Investigator will record such evidence, including photographs that is reasonably necessary to allow the Ministry to review the evidence and make a conclusion as to whether wildlife caused the death.

What do I do with the carcass of the livestock/poultry?

You cannot destroy or dispose of the carcass killed until the Livestock Investigator has seen the carcass and agrees that the carcass can be destroyed or disposed.