You can call in Fenceviewers if there is a dispute over the construction or maintenance of a boundary fence and you and your neighbour are unable to come to an agreement. Contact us to detail your situation. Please note that there is a fee for this service.

When does the Line Fences Act apply?

The Act applies in two situations:
  1. When an owner wants a new fence to be constructed on the boundary line and no fence currently exists on the boundary line between properties;
  2. When a fence already exists on the boundary line and an owner believes that it needs to be repaired or reconstructed.

The Act applies when there is a disagreement between neighbours on:

  • Which owner is responsible for the line fence work;
  • The type of line fence to be built or repaired.

When does the Line Fence Act not apply?

The Act does not apply in situations when:
  • An owner has already built, reconstructed or repaired the fence, and then wishes to use this process to get part of the costs of the work;
  • There is a dispute about the location of the fence, where one or more owners do not believe it is on the boundary line.

Boundary disputes must be resolved by the property owners, as Fenceviewers have no jurisdiction in this matter.

Committee members include:

  • Doug Cleary
  • Gary Cooper
  • John Hunter